Angelino Viceisza

Angelino Viceisza

Full Professor of Economics; Founder and Director, VLab, Spelman College

Phyllis Wallace Visiting Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

President, National Economic Association

Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Visiting Professor 2023-2024

Professor Robert Gibbons and Professor Ray Reagans, Sloan

Angelino Viceisza


Dr. Angelino Viceisza (pronounced: Vee-Say-Za) is Full Professor of Economics at Spelman College, Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), President of the National Economic Association (2023-24), and Associate Editor at the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.  Prior to joining Spelman, Dr. Viceisza was at the International Food Policy Research Institute (2007-2012).  He has also held visiting positions at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (summer 2014), Duke University (2015-2016), and the Hoover Institution at Stanford University (2020-2021).  

Dr. Viceisza’s primary expertise is in behavioral and experimental economics, with applications in development, household finance, and entrepreneurship.  A significant part of his research has studied determinants of financial remittances, i.e., money that migrants send to family and friends in countries of origin.  Dr. Viceisza has extensive experience designing and conducting field experiments in a variety of countries including but not limited to El Salvador, Ethiopia, Peru, Senegal, the United States, and Vietnam.  

His research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Agricultural Economics, Economic Inquiry, Experimental Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Review of Black Political Economy, and Small Business Economics.  He has received support from agencies such as the Department of Education, the Kauffman Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the Social Security Administration, the United States Agency for International Development, and the World Bank. 

Dr. Viceisza currently teaches behavioral game theory and intermediate microeconomic theory.  In 2014, he was awarded the Vulcan Award for Excellence in Teaching at Spelman College.  He is the Founder and Director of VLab, a virtual lab that primarily engages Spelman students in research experiences.  Dr. Viceisza's former research assistants and mentees have ended up in graduate or predoc programs at Brookings Institution, Columbia University, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Georgia State University (GSU), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, and University of Maryland, College Park as well as organizations such as Accenture, Atlanta Community Food Bank, CARE, Delta Airlines, Dropbox, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Mathematica, and Wells Fargo.  

Dr. Viceisza serves as a member of the American Economic Association (AEA) Committee on the Status of LGBTQ+ Individuals in the Economics Profession as well as a mentor in the AEA Mentoring Program and the AEA LGBTQ+ Mentoring Program.

He obtained his Ph.D. in economics from GSU in 2008. He holds two Masters in economics (GSU, 2005, and Boston University, 2004), an MBA in international business (Temple University, 2001), and a bachelor's degree in accounting (formerly, University of the Netherlands Antilles, 2001).  

He is fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch, and Papiamento, and is basic in French.

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