Akalu Tefera

Akalu Tefera

Professor, Department of Mathematics, Grand Valley State University

Visiting Professor 2006-2007

Hosted by the Department of Mathematics


Akalu Tefera is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Grand Valley State University. His research interests include computer algebra, automated theorem proving, and combinatorics and their "derivatives" or "equivalence classes".

Dr. Tefera earned his B.Sc. (1989) and M.Sc. (1992) degrees in Mathematics from the Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. He earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Temple University (2000), where his work in computation and discovery of the Multi-Variate Tefera Integral singled him out as "A Truly 3rd-Millennium Mathematics Ph.D."

As a 2006-07 MLK Visiting Professor at MIT, Dr. Tefera was hosted by the Department of Mathematics. Strongly interested in collaborative research with undergraduates, he was actively involved in undergraduate teaching and participated in dynamic combinatorics group seminars. His research involved working on software that facilitates mathematical expressions in symbolic form, resulting in software packages that have useful applications in mathematics, in particular, to computer-generated proofs of combinatorial and integral identities.


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MLK professor teaches 'excitement' of solving math--and life--problems

Deborah Halber, News Office correspondent
Publication Date:
May 2, 2007