Tina Opie

Tina Opie

Associate Professor in the Management Division, Babson College

Tina Opie


Tina Opie is an Associate Professor in the Management Division at Babson College, teaching organizational behavior courses to undergraduates and MBA students. Professor Opie obtained her Ph.D. in Management (with a concentration in organizational behavior) in May 2010 from New York University's Stern School of Business. In 1999, she obtained her MBA from the Darden School of Business.

Professor Opie's research focuses primarily on how organizations can create workplaces that successfully leverage individual difference and convey respect for individual contributions. Specifically, she studies the conditions that motivate peripheral members of workgroups (i.e. individuals who perceive that their input on how to do the group's task is devalued by teammates) to engage. She also studies whether discrimination against overweight people can be reduced by abandoning a focus on appearance and adopting a focus on health. The hope is that this work will help to make a valid case for attempts to reduce obesity discrimination in organizations.

In addition to teaching, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Fred, and their two children, Kennedy and Chase. She is also an avid photographer who loves to sing and watch foreign films. Prior to her academic career Professor Opie was a banker and a management consultant.

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Academic Degrees

  • Ph D, New York University
  • MBA, University of Virginia Darden School of Business
  • BBA, James Madison University

Awards & Honors

2017 — Poets & Quants- Top 40 Undergraduate Business Professor, Poets & Quants
2016 — Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence- All Programs, Babson College
2016 — Dr. Martin Luther King Leadership Award, Babson College


Journal Articles

  • Javadian, G., Opie, T.R., Parise, S.A. (2018). The influence of emotional carrying capacity and network ethnic diversity on entrepreneurial self-efficacy: the case of black and white entrepreneurs. New England Journal of Entrepreneurship.
  • Opie, T.R. (2018). Let my hair be me: An investigation of employee authenticity and organizational appearance policies through the lens of Black women’s hair. Fashion Studies.
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  • Opie, T., Phillips, K. (2015). Hair Penalties: The Negative Influence of Afrocentric Hair on Ratings of Black Women’s Dominance and Professionalism. Frontiers in Psychology. Vol: 6, Page: 1-14. Frontiers Research Foundation. link

Book Chapters

  • Opie, T. (2016). Authenticity and Organizational Norms: A Positive Organizational Scholarship Lens: Positive Organizing in a Global Society: Understanding and Engaging Differences for Capacity-Building and Inclusion. Routledge/Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.. link

Conference Proceedings

  • Greenberg, D., Opie, T.R., Murphy, W.C. (2016). Creating a Warm Climate?: The Influence of Demography on Class Participation. Vol: 2016, Issue: 1, Page: 13952. Academy of Management Proceedings.
  • Opie, T.R., Javadian, G., Parise, S.A. (2016). Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy:The Role of Emotional Carrying Capacity and Network Ethnic Diversity: Academy of Management Proceedings. Vol: 2016, Issue: 1. Academy of Management. link
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  • Livingston, B., Opie, T.R. (2019). Even At "Inclusive" Companies, Women of Color Don't Feel Supported.
  • Opie, T.R., Livingston, B. (2018). Survey: Tell Us About Your High-Quality Workplace Relationships.
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Fireside Chat: Shared Sisterhood with Dr. Tina Opie (moderated by Prof. Ed Bertschinger), 4 April 2023