Dale Joachim

Dale Joachim

Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Labs

Visiting Professor 2006-2008

Hosted by the Department of Media Arts and Sciences

Dale Joachim is the Vice President of Speech Science at Sonde Health, leading the discovery of health related vocal bio-markers.


Dale Joachim is an electrical engineer who is on the Technical Staff at MIT Lincoln Labs, where he is involved in airport runway optimization.  He has also been involved in One Laptop per Child, the MIT Media Lab, and numerous other commercial and academic endeavors. His research on acoustic sensor systems aims to significantly improve both wildlife monitoring and musical understanding.

Dr. Joachim earned a BSET from Andrews University and completed coursework towards the MBA at Western Michigan University. He went on to earn his M.S. (1994) and Ph.D. (1998) degrees in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University. From 2001 to 2006, Dr. Joachim was an Assistant Professor at Tulane University. He taught courses in computer architecture, digital logic and speech processing, and instituted Tulane's Speech and Sound Processing Laboratory for research on audio signature detection, identification and localization.

Dr. Joachim has also been involved in many commercial and academic endeavors. He served as principal electrical engineer at Sanders, Lockheed Martin in New Hampshire and as design engineer at Zenith Data Systems in Michigan.  As consultant for One Laptop Per Child in Cambridge, MA, he advised and coordinated the integration of low-cost laptops for educational into developing.

Professional experience includes: Haiti relief education and technology efforts through the MIT Media Lab; serving on multiple review panels for the National Science Foundation; sitting on the Scientific Review Committee of the International Conference on Speech and Spoken Languages; Co-chairing the IEEE Information Theory Society in the Boston area; and participating in the National Science Foundation Engineering Education Scholars Program at Carnegie Mellon University.

Through Acoustic Footprints, an initiative he founded in 2010, Dr. Joachim investigates applications of acoustic and internet technologies to the exploration of natural environments. Since 2011, he has served on the Technical Staff of MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he investigates solutions to select air traffic problems.

Dr. Joachim has had multiple visiting appointments at MIT.  He was a visiting scientist at the Media Lab from 2008 to 2010. Two years prior, the Department of Media Arts and Sciences hosted him as a 2006-2008 MLK Visiting Professor. He studied communication among birds, applying sensor and signal processing methods to nature conservancy. This research extended to music: by studying the cognitive processes involved in accurately recognizing specific chords within musical compositions, Dr. Joachim aimed to develop intelligent systems to automate musical chord transcription.



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