Carlos Castillo-Chavez

Carlos Castillo-Chavez

Regents Professor and Joaquin Bustoz Jr. Professor of Mathematical Biology, Arizona State University

Founding director of the Mathematical, Computational Modeling Sciences Center, Arizona State University

Visiting Professor 2012-2013

Hosted by Professor Moe Win, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


Carlos Castillo-Chavez is a Regents Professor and Joaquin Bustoz Jr. Professor of Mathematical Biology at Arizona State University, where he is Executive Director of the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute and of the Institute for Strengthening the Understanding of Mathematics and Science, as well as founding director of the Mathematical, Computational Modeling Sciences Center.

In 2002 he co- established the David Blackwell and Richard Tapia Award. While a professor at Cornell University, where he spent 18 years, he was recognized with two White House Awards (1992 and 1997), the SACNAS Distinguished Scientist Award, and the Richard Tapia Award. Other recognitions include the American Mathematical Society Distinguished Public Service Award and the 2007 AAAS Mentor award.

Prof. Castillo-Chávez has mentored 27 PhD students (14 US Latinos and 10 women); 22 postdoctoral researchers; and hundreds of undergraduates. He has held a Stanislaw M. Ulam Distinguished Scholar at Los Alamos National Laboratory and honorary professorship at Xi'an Jiaotong University in China. He is also a fellow of the AAAS, SIAM, and a member of the President’s Committee on the National Medal of Science.



Publication in Honor of Prof. Chavez-Castillo
Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 2013

It is our heartfelt joy and honor to present to you a colorful collection of high quality and timely articles from a number of colleagues who have touched the amazing life of our beloved colleague and friend, Carlos Castillo-Chavez. This special issue was conceived to honor Carlos Castillo-Chavez’s unparalleled contributions to mathematical research and education on the occasion of his 60th birthday. From his (very long and growing) short biography below and the table of content of this special issue, you can see his list of incredible accomplishments far exceeds the boundaries of mathematical research and education.

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"Mathematics and Epidemics: Challenges and Opportunities in the Study of the Dynamics and Control of Influenza," Physical Mathematics Seminar, 16 October 2012


Member Advisory Board for the Initiative on Faculty Race and Diversity (2008-10, 2007-08)