Eunice Ferreira: Mapping Creole Dreams

Eunice Ferreira: Mapping Creole Dreams

Thursday, 2 MArch 2023 | 12-1pm | Hybrid event

MLK Visiting Scholars Luncheon Seminar

Eunice Ferreira

Eunice S. Ferreira maps a personal and academic journey across the Atlantic to look at theater in Cape Verde, West Africa and then back to its diasporic communities. She focuses on how Crioulo performance brings transnational notions of creole identities, mixed race, and Blackness into conversation. In mapping these relationships, she celebrates the ability of theater – from Cape Verde to Cambridge – to foster dialogue, archive cultural memory, nurture diasporic connections, inspire interdisciplinary collaboration, call for social justice, and build communities. 

Dr. Eunice S. Ferreira joins MIT as an MLK Visiting Professor 2022-23. She is Associate Professor of Theater at Skidmore College where she is a recent recipient of a Mellon Periclean grant to support creative collaborations on civic engagement with local organizations. She is a scholar artist whose research, teaching, and directing focus on race, representation, and artists of the global majority.