"Charged Times: The Draw of Battery Research Using Chemical Engineering" with Javit Drake

"Charged Times: The Draw of Battery Research Using Chemical Engineering" with Javit Drake

Tuesday, 21 March 2023 | 12pm-1pm | Hybrid event

MLK Scholar Luncheon Seminar Series

Javit Drake



Batteries and similar electrochemical energy systems represent critical technologies in the fight against climate change by potentially substantially reducing fossil fuel-based emissions, but they face key limitations. Javit Drake, PhD, performs and guides mathematical modeling and design of batteries to understand and to overcome internal phenomenological limitations and meet crucial needs for improved runtime (e.g., driving range), charging speed, and thermal safety. A recent highlight towards meeting these needs is a physics-based prediction and discovery that extremely miniscule movement of the electrolyte across Li-ion cells could dramatically increase runtime and prevent overheating under demanding, high-rate usage.

About Javit Drake, PhD, Department of Chemical Engineering, MLK Visiting Scholar 2022-2023 

Javit Drake is an inventor, researcher, lecturer, and consultant in batteries, fuel cells, and transport in chemical systems. Until 2022, he was a Principal Scientist and a senior technical leader at Procter & Gamble in Boston, where he led and individually contributed to R&D projects and recruiting efforts for nearly 20 years in parallel with lectureship at MIT since 2010. The journey has provided him experience in teaching students in academia and employees within the commercial sector to bring ideas to practical use in society. In addition, he has identified and developed top, diverse innovator talent.



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