MLK Luncheon Seminar: Duane Lee

MLK Luncheon Seminar: Duane Lee

Tuesday, 26 March 2019 | 11:45am-1pm | W20-307

A key focus of galactic astronomy is to determine and understand the formation and evolution of all nearby galaxies (including our own Milky Way)—those galaxies where we can obtain information on their individual stars. The best source of data on individual stars is their spectra as they encode the chemical makeup of the stars and, by extension, a chemical signature of their local birth environments. In his talk, Dr. Lee will present his current work on making novel connections between the star formation efficiency (a measure of how well galaxies are at making stars given the gas available to them) and other galactic evolution parameters in different galaxy types and environments to their stellar chemical abundances using Strontium and Europium elemental abundance measurements as a diagnostic.

All are welcome to join us for this educational luncheon.

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