Composer Forum: Matt Schumaker

Composer Forum: Matt Schumaker

Thursday, September 13, 2018 | 5PM MIT Lewis Music Library (Building 14)

“In threatening possibilities…”

A presentation on the marriage of artistic inspiration and technology in the composition of several works, including two text settings: As I ride the late night freeways, a collaboration with poet Cathy Park Hong that takes a ride on the mean streets of Southern California, complete with a riotous pit stop; and In threatening possibilities, a manifesto by J.G. Ballard that dives into the deep end of the writer’s charged psyche.

Matthew Schumaker, a 2018-19 MIT MLK Scholar, is a composer whose music engages with computer-assisted music composition and real-time, interactive computer music with live performers. He received a doctorate in Music Composition from UC Berkeley in August 2015, following studies in Amsterdam and Paris with composers Louis Andriessen and Martin Matalon. His work in the area of computer-assisted composition has been published in Ircam’s OM Composer’s Book 3. A software composition toolset, Tessellate, programmed by Schumaker and specified by composer Edmund Campion, was released by Berkeley’s CNMAT in 2017.

Hosted by: MIT Music & Theater Arts