Angélica María Mayolo Obregón

Angélica María Mayolo Obregón

Consultant, MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative

Former Minister of Culture of Colombia

Visiting Scholar 2023-2024

John E. Fernández, Director MIT ESI, and James Phillip Thompson, Associate Professor of Political Science and Urban Planning, MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative

Angelica Obregon


Angélica María Mayolo Obregón is Former Minister of Culture of Colombia, where she also formerly served as Executive President of the Chamber of Commerce in Buenaventura. She holds a Bachelor's in Administrative Law from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali and a Master's in International Law from UCLA. Obregón specializes in administrative law, with knowledge and experience in economic development, cultural and creative industries, sustainability, international cooperation, and high-impact projects in vulnerable populations. Her honors include the 2019 Policarpa Salvarrieta Medal, awarded by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia in recognition of her work to advance women's equality and economic empowerment. Obregón is currently a consultant for the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative.