2015 IAP MLK Seminar


Building the Elephant in the Room

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. IAP Design Seminar, MIT

Group: Jeffrey Castillo, Harris Chalat, David Gilchrist, Rachel Katz, Alexandria Lee, KJ Parent, Isaac Silberberg
Music: Rooftop by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
Video: Alexandria Lee


 by ajltea

A 5 ft tall, 3 ft wide, and 8 ft long paper mâché elephant to be exact. 

This particular project was for a class I took in January at MIT entitled the “Martin Luther King, Jr. Design Seminar,” where we held discussions concerning civil rights, race, and identity. We ended the class by constructing art installations that fit into these themes and displayed them in an exhibition in Lobby 10. My group decided to build “the elephant in the room,” and we wanted to make it as big and noticeable as possible. In order to open up a dialogue within the MIT community we wanted to pose the question “What is your elephant in the room?” and provide sticky notes for people to write down their thoughts and post onto the elephant. One of our group mates found a quote from MLK that went perfectly with our message, which we decided to paint onto the elephant’s side.



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