2010 IAP MLK Seminar

Photo: Nicholas Chornay, The Tech, 2010


Cameras installed in Lobby 10

The Tech, 23 Feb 2010

Cameras were recently installed in Lobby 10 to watch the Martin Luther King, Jr. seminar exhibit, a frequent target of vandalism. It is unclear how long the cameras will remain or how long the recorded footage will be retained. 


Students in the Martin Luther King, Jr. design seminar are collecting donations for the relief effort in Haiti as part of an installation in Lobby 10. Photo: Vibin Kundukulan, The Tech, 2020

Haiti: How We Can Help

MIT students rally to help Haiti quake victims

The Tech, 5 Feb 2010

In response to the earthquake in Haiti in January of 2010, the IAP MLK Design Seminar created a Lobby 10 installation showing pictures of victims after the catastrophe, a model of the Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince that had been destroyed in the earthquake, and informative pamphlets on the history and current crises in the country. Students also collected donations and planned a Haiti Relief Diversity Dinner in Walker Memorial to raise funds for the Partners in Health Relief Efforts. 


MIT: Where Dreams Come True

by Jonathan Blackwood