2006 IAP MLK Seminar

Photo: Donna Coveney, MIT News, 2006


Lisa Witmer '07 helped to design a bus installation in Lobby 10. "We chose to make the focus of the installation a bus in order to commemorate Rosa Parks and her contributions to the beginnings of the civil rights movement in Montgomery, Alabama," Witmer said. "My group designed the exterior of the bus with recent newspaper articles about race-related crimes and injustices to serve as a reminder to people that the civil rights movement did not end decades ago, but rather is an issue that Americans are still dealing with today"...Senior Ryan Richardson '06 also contributed to the final installation [in 2006] in Lobby 10. For him, the course is an eye-opener. "All things considered, MLK offers students the opportunity to interact with other students across racial and cultural lines," he said. "It's real and unpretentious, and allows you to meet people from different living groups often defined by race and/or culture lines."

"Students honor Martin Luther King Jr. with creativity, open minds"
Sasha Brown, MIT News Office, 12 Jan 2007