IAP MLK Design Seminar


The MLK Design Seminar began in January 1999. Since then, MIT and Wellesley students have worked together to create artistic and political installations that have been placed in MIT's Lobby 7 and Lobby 10 to coincide with the university's celebration of Dr. King.

Past years' projects have included work with children and adults in the Cambridge Community Centers, original songs and performances, benefits for charities, various features in The Tech (MIT's oldest and largest newspaper) and other publications, and special projects.

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In the first half of the class, MIT and Wellesley students develop an in-depth understanding of the history of US racial issues, as well as past and present domestic and international political struggles. The issues of justice, equality and racism are addressed through videos, readings and writings, and class discussions.

In the second half, students work as a group to complete the installation and other projects which will serve as models for connecting academics with real life problems and struggle.


In designing the installation or project, participants in the seminar may address aspects of the theme of the honored speaker and the celebration in addition to their thoughts on civil and human rights, justice, equality, race, racism and the principles of Dr. King.

The installation and projects will serve as a model for connecting academics and education with real life problems and struggle. It is hoped that the seminar and the projects will encourage interaction and foster communication among members of the MIT community with diverse backgrounds.