45th Annual MLK Celebration Leadership Award Recipient: MIT CASE


(Class Awareness Support and Equality)

45th Annual MLK Leadership Award

Julie Morgan

MIT CASE (Class Awareness, Support, and Equality) is run by MIT students and is open to all MIT students regardless of identity. Founded in 2016, the group hosts a monthly forum in which attendees discuss issues of class disparity and more generally have a dialogue about understanding people’s differences.

The mission of MIT CASE centers around:

  • Community: Providing a supportive community and atmosphere through which students feel comfortable engaging in meaningful dialogue surrounding class-based issues and participating in CASE forums
  • Action: Working with MIT administrators to create and implement effective solutions to ease financial strains that incoming and current students will face on campus
  • Awareness: Improving the MIT community’s awareness of class disparities and knowledge of the socioeconomic status (SES) system.
  • Resources: Provide information regarding resources on and off campus that would best help students undergoing adversities related to socioeconomic status