43rd Annual MLK Celebration Leadership Award Recipient: Maryanne Kirkbride

Maryanne Kirkbride

MIT Medical, Clinical Director for Campus Life

43rd Annual MLK Leadership Award

aryanne Kirkbride, MIT Medical, Clinical Director for Campus Life
aryanne Kirkbride, MIT Medical, Clinical Director for Campus Life

Maryanne’s impact is at once enduring and immediate. One need look no further than the streams of communication she maintains with students long gone from the halls of MIT to see how deeply personally she commits to the wellbeing and care for her community. As the Clinical Director for Campus Life, Maryanne is responsible for advancing our community through ensuring its physical and emotional wellbeing, a charge she accomplishes daily.

One of the largest contributions Maryanne has given our community is a dedicated professional ambulance service. Since 2001, she has mentored students and staff through the development and acquisition phases, integration and legal compliance and training. MIT EMS, which saves MIT hundreds of thousands of dollars in transport fees each year, has been cited as a national example to other universities by the National Collegiate EMS Foundation. Working closely with the City of Cambridge, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, MIT, and Boston, Maryanne has creatively advanced the mission of her job through this student-run organization. Students know her as an advocate who will always have their back, even when that means telling them what they didn’t want to hear. She is a defender for her subordinates and peers, and an advocate of her superiors. She builds bridges where others have only seen the gaps.

Maryanne Kirkbride is a champion of our community and its shared values, and it’s our honor to recognize her efforts.