43rd Annual MLK Celebration Leadership Award Recipient: Catherine Gamon, Sloan, Director, Student Life for Master's Programs

Catherine Gamon, Sloan, Director, Student Life for Master's Programs

Director, Student Life for Master's Programs, MIT Sloan

43rd Annual MLK Leadership Award

Catherine Gamon delivers opening remarks at the 2016 MIT Sloan Excellence in Teaching Awards Luncheon. Photo: Amy MacMillan Bankson

“Over the past year, Catherine Gamon has been a true champion of diversity at MIT Sloan," a nominator wrote, and has held "an informal leadership position, as well as aided the 'department' in our efforts to increase the diversity pipeline at Sloan. Under her leadership, the SLO has supported several student-led efforts (Diversity Days, Ask-Me-Anything) aimed at increasing awareness of issues of equity and inclusion; which are valuable to me as a student of color”.

Another nominator wrote: “Catherine has been an incredible partner to the MIT Sloan Senate (student government) and helped to organize and execute a number of impactful initiatives focused on diversity & inclusion and community-building."

In addition to the above contributions, Catherine has been supporting the faculty working group on reviewing unconscious bias training options across the Institute. She has also created a newsletter for allies and has supported important programming at Sloan by affinity groups such as the Black Business Students Association, the Hispanic Business Club, the African Business Club, and the LGBTQ Club.

Catherine wants to make sure that her students do not just survive the rigors of business school but are equipped with the tools necessary to thrive in the increasingly global business world once they leave the safety of Sloan’s walls.

Let’s congratulate Catherine for her untiring service to provide a community of inclusiveness, support, wellness and love.