39th Annual MLK Celebration Leadership Award Recipient: WMBR


MIT’s student-run college radio station

39th Annual MLK Leadership Award

WMBR, MIT's student-run college radio station, received the MLK Leadership Award for organizations on its 50th anniversary. Licensed to Cambridge, MA and broadcasting on 88.1 FM, the radio station is all-volunteer and funded by listener donations and MIT funds.

The first MIT student broadcasting station was first signed on in 1946 as WMIT, becoming WTBS in 1961. Its call sign finally changed to WMBR in 1979, standing for: Walker Memorial Basement Radio.

The MLK Leadership Award honored WMBR for its diverse, community-based programming throughout the years--programs like Captain Al's "The Soul of the Movement," Muna Kangsen's and Julia Mongo's "Africa Kabisa," Brutus Leaderson's "Worldbeat," Cynthia Odu's "In Diaspora," and Alex McNeil's Martin Luther King Day line-up.