35th Annual MLK Celebration Leadership Award Recipient: Deborah Liverman

Deborah Liverman

Assistant Director, Global Education and Career Development Center

35th Annual MLK Leadership Award

Deborah Liverman is Assistant Director, Global Education and Career Development Center. The MLK Leadership Award recognizes her dedicated service to MIT students and to the MLK King Breakfast Planning Committee. She also extends her expertise beyond MIT, presenting career workshops to minority high school students at events like the National Society of Black Engineers National Conference.

Deborah Liverman (left), Assistant Director for the School of Engineering with the Office of Career Services and Pre-professional Advising, assists Davis Wamola ‘G (center) and Ephraim Tekle ‘G (right) in the workshop “How to Work a Career Fair”. Photo: Jonathan Wang, The Tech 2002

Liverman holds a Bachelor's in sociology and education from Davidson College and a Masters in Education from University of South Carolina-Columbia. She earned her PhD in Higher Education/Higher Education Administration from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

"Deborah has all the qualities of a great leader," says Rachel Greenberg, Associate Director of Career Services. "She has a strong ability to make decisions and advance the goals of her team, while also taking into consideration the individual strengths and needs of each team member. Deborah has led the career services team at MIT through several transitions -- including staffing changes and budget cuts -- while always maintaining a calm appearance under pressure. She is a wonderful supervisor and mentor!"

"Those who are anointed as our leaders are first our servants," said MIT Chancellor Phillip L. Clay when presenting the award to the six honorees for 2009. "Dr. King, in several of his sermons, underscored that point. Leadership is not purchased but it is earned through service."