22nd Annual MLK Celebration Leadership Award Recipient: Leon Trilling

Leon Trilling

Professor emeritus, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Co-founder, Massachusetts Department of Education’s METCO Program

22nd Annual MLK Leadership Award

Leon Trilling, MIT professor emeritus
Leon Trilling, MIT professor emeritus

Professor Leon Trilling was chosen to receive this award because of his deep and enduring commitment to improving the quality of education for people of color. His long-standing and steady efforts have ranged from pioneering work with Boston's METCO program more than 30 years ago to his ongoing work at MIT to articulate and nurture the benefits of diversity in our learning environment. For three decades he has worked to create more effective ways to introduce young minority scholars to advanced science and engineering and to recruit and serve as mentor to minority faculty members. His leadership in such activities as the Office of Minority Education, the MIT Second Summer Program and the Course XVI Outreach Committee all testify to his commitment and ability to help make MIT a more enriching and better place for all of its members. Leon, as an engineer, educator, role model and mentor, you have incorporated the notions of inclusion and diversity not simply as theoretical constructs, but as day-to-day practices in your life. In so doing, you represent the essence of Martin Luther King's philosophy and vision."