Julio D’Arcy, PhD, Chemical Engineering

Sustainable energy sources and energy storage technologies are of paramount importance in the sociopolitical maelstrom of consumption and distribution of a finite supply of fossil fuels.

JULIO D'ARCY - 'Storing Energy in Plastics'

Visiting Scholar 2013-2014
Hosted by Prof. Paula Hammond, Department of Chemical Engineering

Julio D’Arcy is an assistant professor of chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis. He received his PhD in Chemistry at UCLA, and his areas of expertise are conjugated polymers, electrochemistry, and thin film composite devices with a particular interest in energy applications.

2013-2014 Scholars

2014 Koch Institute Image Award

Scientific Lessons from The World's Greatest Scientists

Julio D'Arcy teaches us how to create a homemade, portable CVD chamber.

TALK: "Storing Energy in Plastics"- MLK Luncheon Seminar Series (4/23/14)


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