From The Bay State Banner, 1 March 2018 One of only a few African Americans to find success in classical music, violist [and MIT Institute Professor] Marcus Thompson has garnered critical acclaim since the start of his illustrious career. The South Bronx native earned the Juilliard School’s first-ever doctorate in viola performance, and in 1968, he performed

THE GENDER/RACE IMPERATIVE—A Series of Presentations and Workshops moderated by Anita Hill Wednesday February 28, 2018, 1–3PM Location: 36-462 & 36-428 Open to the public, no registration required The Marginalization of Experience: African American Women in STEM Hosted by: Muriel Medard – Cecil H. Green Professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, Research

Thursday, February 22 11:45am-1pm MIT Room W20-202 (La Sala de Puerto Rico) Abstract How do the public spaces we move in shape us and help determine the kind of people we want to become? We know more and more about the world around us, thanks to a deluge of data, but blind spots abound–too often,

African, Black, American, Caribbean (ABAC) ERG Organizer of Of Thee I Sing: African Americans, Nationhood, and Flag Imagery   11:45am-1:30pm EG&G Education Center 50 Vassar Street, 34-401 Cambridge, MA 02139 A talk by Dr. Kimberly Brown, visiting Assistant Professor in Women’s & Gender Studies and Literature at MIT and MLK Scholar, 2017-2018. ABAC @MIT strives

Plantation Weddings and the Arc of Antebellum Desire Kimberly J. Brown, MLK Visiting Assistant Professor, Women’s & Gender Studies and by Literature at MIT Thursday, December 7, 2017 @ 12-1:30 pm MIT Room E51-095 Lunch provided, please RSVP to Plantations wedding venues, particularly in the US South, spatially reconstruct antebellum slave mansions as serene sites of joy. This

Double Elegy: African American Cultural Production and the Poetics of Loss Kimberly J. Brown, MLK Visiting Assistant Professor, Women’s & Gender Studies and by Literature at MIT Tuesday, November 14, 2017 @ 5-6:30 pm MIT Room 14N-417 This talk considers the elegy as the doubling mechanism of African American cultural engagement. At once firmly situated within and excluded from

The Gender/Race Imperative: The Future of Title IX Anita Hill participated in CNN’s town hall titled “Tipping Point: Sexual Harassment in America” on November 9, 2017. In light of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men in the media and government, Hill said that the strong focus on sexual misconduct is like nothing she’s ever seen and

Undoing ‘Generations of Rank Discrimination’: Inclusive Communities and the Future of Anti-Bias Forensics Anita Hill, MLK Visiting Professor of Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE)  Tuesday, October 17 11:45am-1pm MIT Room 6-104 (Chipman Room) In June, in a decision that promises to energize American desegregation efforts, the U.S. Supreme Court endorsed a broad interpretation of the 1968 Fair

The Gender/Race Imperative: The Future of Title IX Anita Hill will be moderating a series of presentations and workshops entitled The Gender/Race Imperative. It aims to revive awareness of the broad capacity of Title IX, the crucial law mandating equal education opportunities for women. The hope is that the series will kick start inquiry to foster legal, policy,