WED APR 1 2015: André D. Taylor presents “Using Nanostructured Materials for Solar Energy Storage in Haiti”

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André D. Taylor presents “Using Nanostructured Materials for Solar Energy Storage in Haiti” at the MIT MLK LUNCHEON SEMINAR.

Wednesday, April 1st  12 – 1:30 pm, location MIT Chipman Room (6-104)

Refreshments will be served before the seminar.
Please contact Shauna Bush-Fenty at to RSVP.


Using Nanostructured Materials for Solar Energy Storage in Haiti

One of the key challenges facing the widespread use and commercialization of promising energy devices (i.e. fuel cells, batteries, organic solar cells etc.) is the high cost of the electrocatalytic and electrolyte materials and inefficiencies in their assembly and utilization. In this talk, I will present examples of how we are designing nanomaterials such as graphene-based carbons and bulk metallic glass (BMG) alloys that can be incorporated into multifunctional composites for high performance nanostructured-enabled energy devices.

One of our missions is to create devices and systems that will renewably improve our way of life. In this context, I will describe our new initiative to develop a solar powered computer lab in Haiti that can be used by school children during the day and can function as an Internet café afterschool. We are seeking partners to leverage resources at Yale University and MIT to make this project a reality for the summer of 2016. This project resonates with solar battery research taking place in our lab and gives us motivation to implement strategies of getting our research out of the lab and into product based systems.