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2018 MLK Luncheon Seminars

RSVP to Shauna Bush-Fenty at  sfenty@mit.edu and let her know of any dietary restrictions

Featuring lectures by MLK visiting faculty and other members of the MIT community that enhance scholarship and enrich intellectual life on campus. Click here for additional Institute events that honor the spirit of Dr. King.

Our 2018 Luncheon Seminars will feature 5 MLK Visitors, whose information you can find at http://mitmlkscholars.wpengine.com/.  Please mark the following date(s) on your calendars:

Thursday, February 22, 2018, 11:45am-1pm: MIT W20-202 (La Sala de Puerto Rico)
Walking to New Sounds
How do the public spaces we move in shape us and help determine the kind of people we want to become?
Garnette Cadogan, Visiting Scholar in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 11:45am-1pm: MIT Room W20-307
Reading Under the Covers: A History of Schooling in Kenya
Kenda Mutongi, Visiting Professor in History
In the past five decades, school-related arson has increased drastically in Kenya. This talk will focus on the first generation of Kenyan men who attended high school in order to understand some of their hopes and dreams—and disappointments.

MLK Math: Massey’s Mentorship

Princeton's William Massey (foreground) gathered with mentees--and former MIT MLK Scholars.
From left: Robert Hampshire, William Massey, Arlie Petters, and Otis Jennings. (Photo: Steve Exum)

In decades of mentoring minority and women mathematicians, Princeton engineering professor William Massey has done more than foster a new, more diverse generation of mathematical scholars. He has created a community of colleagues who support and inspire each other’s research, including Massey’s own.

Above: Massey gathered with mentees and former MLK Scholars. From left: Robert Hampshire, William Massey, Arlie Petters, and Otis Jennings
Credit: Steve Exum